To date, these workshop participants have agreed to do breakout sessions.

Margaret Riesen, of Vegetarian Gourmet, says many of her clients who have chosen
vegetarianism as part of a healthy lifestyle are surprised at how delicious vegetarian
food can be. A combination of proteins/grains/legumes/vegetables & fruits for a
reception dinner is both sustainable, tasty and pleasing to the guests. She will talk
about her service and will bring samples of typical vegetarian menus to expand on the
many options available.

Cantor and Rabbi, Sara Shendelman, has been part of a rich and joyous liberal
Jewish community for many years. She has officiated at Jewish, interfaith and
spiritual weddings and has created and performed important rituals throughout her life.
She has been told more times than she can count, "This is the best wedding I have ever
been to." She will especially speak about the challenges of interfaith weddings.

Marcus Lee, of An Affair To Remember, is a veteran of 20+ years in event catering.
A specialist in Asian, Island, & Fusion cooking styles for groups of 12 to 3,000,
Mr. Lee will present highlights of how he works with each couple to make their wedding
fabulously tasty and memorable.

Video Reflection’s David Ethridge will review current trends in wedding video needs and
mistakes for wedding couples to avoid. Hiring a professional videographer enables your
entire family to relieve your wedding day in video for years to come.

Planning your lesbian or gay wedding? Jeanine K. Reisbig will present an overview of the
many options available in planning your lesbian or gay wedding in 2008.

Andoni Panici of Associate Entertainment Consultants and Andoni Jazz Quartet is a singer
extraordinare and representative of this full service event agency. He can bring access
to sound, lighting, and music events from a 3 piece jazz trio to a 40 piece orchestra
to liven up your wedding reception. He will discuss “Live Music or DJ? -- Why not both?”

Hornblower Yachts’ John Pimentel will offer tours of Hornblower facilities & explain how
having Hornblower as your full service provider and the benefits of having a “water event”
can make your wedding day carefree and memorable.

Officiant Irene Kane, of Ceremonies & Celebrations, will discuss what issues couples to
talk about between themselves before choosing a celebrant. Ceremony options, choosing vows,
reading selections and the choice of appropriate rituals are only a few ways she works
with her clients.

Margene Burns, owner of Margene’s Bridal, a full service wedding shop, offers a large
selection of in-stock wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses in 55 colors and many styles,
accessories, veils, shoes and jewelry. Join her for more information on how helpful
a full service wedding shop can be.

Bodega Stagecoach, pulled by matched Belgian Draft Horses Cindy & Daisy, is a vis-a-vis
or “face to face” style carriage as found in New York City’s Central Park. Learn more
about this intimate, romantic ride during the break out session with experienced tour guide
& Bodega Stagecoach owner Pat Prather and partner Nancy Breen.

Robert Lott of Wilma Lott Catering will review the FAQs and audience member questions
re: working with a caterer. Is a caterer needed, based on the client’s venue? What should
clients look for in a caterer? What does the caterer offer, including customization of
menus and tasting options, additional services such as linen rentals and glass ware.

Audio Visual Consultants’ Stuart Sweetoh prioritizes the “family history, a collection
of memories from generation to generation” approach to his videography services. He will
also share new trends such as the “wedding invitation DVD” –a video engagement session
that can be mailed to everyone and even shared on You Tube.

Scott Shapin of Ambassador Rolls-Royce offers a brilliant collection of historic
air-conditioned, all-weather Classic Era and Gatsby Era limousines for service throughout
Northern California. Each limousine is properly restored and mechanically updated to
insure safe dependable service. Included in his presentation will be the following
questions: why is a vintage limousine worth considering? What should one watch out for
when booking a vintage limousine service? What are the keys to planning your
transportation requirements?

Gloria Kaga of Glorious Floral Designs has 20 years experience serving a huge variety
of floral needs for all of her clients. She believes that no two weddings are alike so
her floral consultations are designed to uncover the unique distinctions of each
couples wedding. How to best work with a florist and enjoy your wedding day will be discussed.

James and Karala Northey of Northey Photography, will be offering an ongoing studio
workshop in the music room. They will be showing how much fun it can be to have your
picture taken by a professional. Posing, coached candids, what to do and what not to
do in relationship to your wedding day photography and being photographed in general,
and how to relax during one of the biggest and potentially most stressful days of your
life will all be discussed. Free prints will be available on the spot.

Contact Information for Breakout Session Participants

Margaret Riesen (Vegetarian Gourmet) 877 967 9848
Rabbi Shendelman at 510 644 2956
Marcus Lee—An Affaire to Remember -415 459 6505
David Ethridge (A Video Reflection) 408-836-9440
Jeanine K. Reisbig—415-861 7216
Andoni Panici( Associate Entertainment Consultant) 415 455 9956
Hornblower-John Pimentel 415 983 8226
Irene Kane (officiant) - 510 530 5676
Margene’s Bridal—510 451-3555
Pat Prather + Nancy Breen of Bodega Stagecoach—707 876 1926
Robert Lott (Wilma Lott Catering) 925 372 8612
Stuart Sweetoh (Audio Visual Consultant) 510 839 2020
Scott Shapin Ambassador Rolls Royce 888 989 0185
Gloria Kaga (Glorious Floral Designs) 415 492 9567
James and Karala Northey (Northey Photography) 415-381-6278